Snug Vest

Our Story

Lisa Fraser, the founder of Wearable Therapeutics Inc. invented the concept for Snug Vest as her grad thesis project while studying industrial design at Emily Carr University.





“I had a passion for designing a product that could help children with autism function better in their everyday lives.”


As she discovered current products that were available for Deep Pressure Therapy, she saw critical need for improvement. After working with children with autism, she put her creative talent as a problem solver to use and collaborated with Occupational Therapists for feedback to develop the Snug Vest, originally known as the Bear Hug vest.

Lisa Fraser has developed other concepts that are designed for teenagers, such as the Smart Squeeze.

After winning numerous international awards for the BearHug and Smart Squeeze concepts such as the Red Dot Concept 2011 Award in life sciences, and after receiving many emails from parents expressing their urgent need for the product to help their children, Lisa founded Squeezease Therapy to bring her concept to reality.

Lisa Fraser making patterns for Snug Vest: a vest for people with autismAfter the inception of Squeezease Therapy Inc., the team of  designers and researchers, with the help of therapists, engineers, business advisors, and families, collaboratively worked to further develop the prototype into the product you see today: Snug Vest. In 2013 Snug Vest became commercially available and has since been sold to individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit, brain injuries and more. In 2014, Squeezease Therapy Inc. changed to Wearable Therapeutics Inc.

The products produced by Wearable Therapeutics are designed and made in Canada, and based on continuous improvements through research, testing, and end user’s suggestions and feedback.

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