Snug Vest

How to have your Snug Vest funded

**We are dedicated to compiling funding information WORLD-WIDE. Please let us know how you have had your Snug Vest funded, so we can add to this page. So far we only know the process to receive a Snug Vest fully funded by the government for people living in British Columbia, Canada.**


British Columbia Government Funding

Snug Vest is 100% covered by the BC government on a case-by-case basis for children diagnosed with autism.

Step 1: Apply for Autism Funding eligibility

Download this PDF for more information on applying for your child to be covered by the Government of BC's Autism funding unit.

For more information on autism funding in BC, download the parents handbook!

Step 2: (Option A) Purchase your Snug Vest and request to be reimbursed

**This process is much faster than option B, but requires payment up front

Step 1: Purchase your Snug Vest through our online store.

Step 2: You will then need to email us to request a receipt (the order form automatically emailed to you is not adequate for the BC Autism Funding Unit).

Step 3: Submit the receipt with the 'CF0925: Request to Pay' to the AFU.


Step 2: (Option B) Apply to have Snug Vest paid for through your child's autism funds

Step 1: Complete the 'CF0908: Justification for Equipment and Supplies' form and mail this form to the Autism Funding Unit (AFU) at the Ministry for Child and Family Development. The form needs to be filled-in and signed by one of the child’s following health care professionals: Behavior Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Registered Psychological Associate, Physiotherapist, Neurologist, Registered Psychologist or Speech-Language Pathologist.

Step 2: After you submit the Justification for Equipment and Supplies' form, wait to receive a letter in the mail to your home from the AFU (this takes up to 30 days). The letter states if you have been approved or not for the Snug Vest.

Step 3: If you are approved, you now fill out the ‘CF0925: Request to Pay’ form. Please fill out section 1, section 2, and part B (it is not necessary to fill-out part A). Mail or fax this form along with the Snug Vest price quote. Fill-in the blanks on the price quote (*Note: this quote is only valid for BC Customers).

Step 4: The AFU will mail you and Snug Vest an “authorization” letter in the mail. After the Snug Vest company “service provider” receives the authorization letter, the AFU will purchase the Snug Vest directly from Snug Vest. Snug Vest will then contact you to collect your order info (sizing, color and mailing address), and will ship your Snug Vest to you right away.


British Columbia Charities

The following charities have previously purchased Snug Vests on behalf of individuals who do not have autism. Please contact them directly as we do not have contact information at this time.

We recommend trying the following charity, although have no previous experience with it:



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