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Snug Vest helps kids with autism and sensory difficulties get deep pressure when they need it to be calm and focus. Kids as young as 3 can inflate their own Snug Vest, giving them independence and control over their own therapy.It's stylish look allows kids and adults to receive their therapy and stay calm at home and in their communities without standing out.


 Not sure Snug Vest will work for your child? No problem!

We have a 60 day money back guarantee starting from the day you receive your Snug Vest. Just let us know within 60 days if you will be returning your Snug Vest to us, and we will refund you as soon as we receive it back.

We know that no therapy product works for every kid on the Autism Spectrum, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try out Snug Vest without the risk!


Antony in his Snug Vest



"Thank you Snug Vest! What an amazing product! Antony is able to put the vest on unassisted, and pump-up and deflate it himself. He loves to pump it up! For the first time ever we had no problems when shopping in Walmart and it was all because he was wearing the Snug Vest! We have been able to successfully stop 5 out of 7 meltdowns due to the Snug Vest and calm him safely just by putting the vest on and inflating it! We’ve also prevented plenty more meltdowns just having him wear the vest throughout the day, especially during stressful moments. I highly recommend this vest to anyone! I wish we had it sooner. Thank you so much." -Jessica Leroux, Antony's Mom


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Clinical Support

Researchers at the psychology department of the University of Victoria conducted an ABAB Withdrawl design research study on the effects of Snug Vest on anxiety and behaviour in 7 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The researchers found a significant interaction between treatment and time point for parents' subjective ratings of attention and for salivary cortisol levels, and a significant effect of the vest on naïve coders' ratings of problem behaviours. Click here to download the Clinical Study on Deep Pressure Therapy whitepaper.

To learn more about the research behind Snug Vest, click here.


"I had the opportunity to work with a young girl of nine years old. She was diagnosed with a Global Developmental Delay. She presented with many significant sensory processing and motor challenges. She typically was extremely low muscle tone, highly distractable and tended to be more comfortable in interacting with the  outside world as opposed to focusing on what her body or her hands were doing.It was extremely challenging to keep her engaged in any task, as she could not rely on her body to provide her with stability or with the necessary feedback to use her body efficiently. It was so much easier for her to engage everyone by talking and avoid doing. I had noticed that she was more engaged in a ball pond and demonstrated a little more focus. The real magic happened, for this child, when she tried a Snug Vest. As she pumped up the vest, it looked as though she was experiencing her body for the first time. She was able to maintain an upright posture, which was usually extremely challenging. She was immediately more present in her body and did not use her usual avoidant behaviour of engaging others in her environment but was able to stay focused on the task at hand. She was immediately aware of the difference and was very proud of her sustained efforts. She would ask her teacher if she could use her vest at different times during the day. This was very neat to see."                        - Jennifer S., Occupational therapist








How does it work?


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