Snug Vest

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get the vest?

Each Snug Vest is made carefully by hand with much care and attention, to ensure optimal quality and safety. We do our best to have all sizes and colors in stock. If you order a Snug Vest and we become back-ordered on a certain size, we will notify you immediately. We normally ship on Fridays and will e-mail you your tracking number as soon as we ship.

How much is it?

The Snug Vest is $395 CAD or $365 USD. We provide shipping services to Canada, United States, and internationally. For more information about shipping, click here.

Do you offer Snug Vest for Adults as well as Children?
Yes, Snug Vest is currently available in both kid and adult sizes. You can find our sizing chart here.

 Where can I buy it?

To purchase a Snug Vest, visit our online store at:

I am not sure if Snug Vest™ is going to work. Should I still try it?

Effective Deep Pressure Therapy provided by the Snug Vest is beneficial to many; however, if the Snug Vest doesn't work out for you, we have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Is the vest going to get really warm?

Breathable holes throughout the inflatable vest help with air ventilation to prevent the vest from getting too warm.

Is this vest intended for someone who is hypersensitive/sensory defensive or hyposensitive/ a sensory seeker?

Deep Pressure is beneficial to both types of users and will depend on the individual.

How much pressure do I use?

As much pressure as is needed to feel right. Snug Vest is designed to place minimal pressure on the stomach and chest area and when used properly, the vest will not over-squeeze.  

The inflation tube sticks out when the vest is inflated.

Snug Vest has the option of pulling the inflation tube through the pocket for ease of inflation. However, once inflated the tube tends to stick out noticeably. We recommend taking the tube out of the pocket & letting it hang behind the garment, where it will stay concealed while the vest is inflated. 

The Snug Vest™ fits quite short.
Snug Vest fits short so that the wearer is able to sit down without the vest riding up, thereby still receiving pressure to the shoulders. 

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