Snug Vest


Experts Say

“I believe the Snug Vest by Squeezease has the potential to become an effective and essential treatment component for many children with tactile processing/integration dysfunctions.”

Cris, Occupational Therapist

“I really like your pressure vest. I would have loved that as a child.”

Dr. Temple Grandin, ASD

“The benefits of wearing the Snug Vest will be significant for some children. This vest may allow a child to keep his/her sensory system in the “just right” zone thus allowing the child to engage in activities that were previously challenging. Families may see increased attention and focus, less emotional outbursts, and new learning.”

Zoe, Occupational Therapist

“I believe that there are children who will benefit from being able to use Snug Vest. Having this vest available to the general public will be a tool children can use to meet their sensory needs without affecting their self-esteem as this product is designed to be appealing so children can fit-in with their peers.”

Ian, Behavioural Consultant

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