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This is a story about how one young man is using Snug Vest to achieve his goals. 

Chris is a 23 year old on the autism spectrum with many virtues. 

He loves playing hockey as it provides him with deep pressure feedback.

Unfortunately, like many others on the spectrum, Chris suffers from anxiety, meltdowns, and temper tantrums, and finds social cues extremely challenging. 

To help with his anxiety, Chris would wear a full-body sensory wrap to provide him with the deep pressure needed to help reduce his overwhelming anxiety.

Now, instead of a sensory wrap, Chris uses his Snug Vest everyday.

It’s a stylish vest that he can inflate to the pressure that he wants. It inflates to feel like a hug! Now Chris doesn’t have to worry about standing out from the crowd in his sensory wrap. Whenever he feels an anxiety issue coming, he will put on the Snug Vest to help him relax.

He says the Snug Vest is helping him become more present and stay calm in high stress situations. This is important now that Chris is training to become a firefighter.

To this day, Chris sends emails to the Snug Vest team with updates and he shares messages about how much he loves his Snug Vest!  


Check out this short video of Chris' story below:


Written by Editor Admin — January 18, 2017



hey all i will send you a photo of me and my fire department i am now officially a fire fighter thanks to the help of snugvest!

April 01 2017

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