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Start off the New Year on the right foot with engaging winter-themed sensory ideas!

During these long winter months, it can be easy to forget about sensory activities, outdoor exercise and deep pressure input. Give these sensory activities and gross motor activities a try. 


Sensory Ideas:

Snow cones: Add your child's favorite flavoring to shaved ice for a tasty cold snow cone. 

Snow angels: If you live in a place with snow, take your child out to make snow angels! 

Ice bucket: Fill a bucket with ice cubes (or snow) and hide a few toys. Have your child try to find all the toys. If you really want to make it a challenge, set up a timer and have your child find all the toys before time runs out. 

Frozen Scavenger Hunt: Freeze a few mini-toys (such as Lego people) in ice cube trays. Hide the frozen toys around the yard and have your child find the frozen toys. If your child finds the toys before they melt, throw the ice toys into a bucket of hot water and watch the ice melt away. 


Pre-writing (fine) motor activities:

Beach day in the snow: Bring your beach toys (buckets, shovels) and make snow castles in the snow!

Painting snow: Pack some snow into a tray and have your child add water colors with paint brushes. 

Make snow balls: Have your child make a pack of snow balls of different sizes. 


Movement (gross motor) activities:

Shapes in the snow: Have the child make words, letters, or shapes in the snow by shuffling boots in the snow. 

Shovel snow: Take out a child-friendly shovel and start shoveling snow. 

Buried Treasure: Bury a treasure box in the snow and watch it re-appear once the snow melts away. 

Giant snowball: Make a giant snowball and keep rolling it along with the help of a group. 


How do you help your child work on movement and motor activities in the winter? Share in the comments below!

Written by Katherine Sturdy — December 30, 2016

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