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My name is Priya, and I recently joined Snug Vest to make a huge positive difference in others' lives!

When I was young, I just really wanted to grow up, and I've heard the same line from so many of my peers. We all just wanted to be adults and live an adult life with work, money, a busy schedule, and responsibilities. Now here I am, wishing that I had not tried to jump ahead so quick!

My biggest life lesson.


My mom taught me that everything in life comes to you at the right time. Trying to grab it before it's given to you just makes one's life difficult. I've realized that our path in life gets skewed if we keep forcing changes into it all the time. Therefore, I have learned to challenge myself, but not to force things.

I had my first crush when I was 13.  I rushed home to tell my mom. She remained silent and looked visibly upset. Finally, she told me that she wanted me to not focus on boys, but on my education first and foremost. I was so angry - its not like I could control my emotions. I felt 'old enough' as I was 13 and had crossed an age milestone! Everyone had a crush. I had friends with boyfriends, and it seemed so unfair at the time. I listened to my mother as I knew she was advising me for my own benefit. However, it took me 11 years to understand the deeper meaning of what she really meant: 
She wanted me to take my time.


Autism and Time

For an autism parent, one of the biggest challenges lie in the so called 'norms' that have been pushed by society. 

At age 3, my child should be a pretty sophisticated talker....
At age 5, my child should be reading a book....
At age 13, my child should be a fully functioning mini adult....

As we know, the fact is that every child grows differently and has the right to grow differently, and grow beautifully uniquely! Although every parent loves their child dearly, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in societal pressures and forget this simple fact.

Let us all take the time we need.


5 Quotes about Time, Parenting And Autism

This week, we wanted to leave you with 5 quotes that emphasize how important it is to forget societal "norm" to allow our kiddos the freedom to grow into the best version of themselves. 


1) I might hit developmental and societal milestones in a different order than my peers, but I am able to accomplish these small victories on my own time.

-Haley Moss

2) “The way we look at our children and their limitations is precisely the way they will feel about themselves. We set the examples, and they learn by taking our cue from us,”

-Amalia Starr

3) “Rome was not built on the first day. I need time to build the Eiffel Tower of my life,”

-Jeremy Sicile-Kira

4) “Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you’re destroying the peg.”

-Paul Collins

5) “Even for parents of children who are not on the spectrum, there is no such thing as a normal child.”

-Violet Stevens


Enjoy the tiny humans. They grow up way too fast. 



Written by Katherine Sturdy — August 15, 2016

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