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The Snug Vest team is growing and we're excited to announce Snug Vest's new CEO, Darren Burke.                                          

Darren Burke holds a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology, and worked for 10-years as a tenured professor in Halifax, NS before he began RIVALUS, a socially responsible sports nutrition company.

He's one seriously smart and driven individual! 




"The number of lives we can bring positive affect to is immense. I look forward to working with the Snug Vest team, company stakeholders, and Snug Vest community as we continue to create compassionate innovation.”

- Darren Burke


Our founder, Lisa will work with us in a new role as Chief Innovation Officer and she will continue to be the face of Snug Vest. 

She's extremely excited to return to her passion for design and creating further innovations to improve the quality of life of those with autism spectrum disorders and other conditions. 


For more information please refer to our press release

Written by Katherine Sturdy — February 14, 2017

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