Snug Vest

Rishi is a 9 year old boy from Vancouver, Canada.

He was diagnosed with autism and he
absolutely LOVES the periodic table
of elements and anything about outer space!


A lot of times, Rishi gets anxious & frustrated
to the point that it manifests into anger.

It’s hard for him to remember how to deal
with anxiety in the moment that he gets
very upset.

His mom thought an inflatable pressure
vest like Snug Vest could help him. 


When he says “Im so upset and I don’t know what to do," his mom gives him his Snug Vest and the results are IMMEDIATE!
- He sits on the couch, stops shouting and gets
back to his science books!


His mom loves that Snug Vest looks like a regular sports vest.
(Rishi’s Snug Vest is so stylish that his younger
neurotypical brother wants a Snug Vest too!)

And Rishi considers it to be a hug!


Watch the Rishi's Story video below:


Written by Katherine Sturdy — February 01, 2017

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