Snug Vest

Danny is a teenager from California on

the autism spectrum.


When Danny would get anxious, he would have

meltdowns and self-injurious behaviors.

His dad would call these “episodes.”

Every morning, Danny’s father would provide him with

firm hugs to help get rid of stress that caused these episodes.

Danny would wear a woman's leather jacket

AND even blood pressure cuffs on his arms to

get the deep pressure he needed!


Danny's dad was hoping Snug Vest could

help alleviate some of Danny’s pain and suffering.

So, he reached out to our founder Lisa while she was

developing Snug Vest. 

After getting a Snug Vest, Danny’s dad told a newspaper reporter:

We’ve used it at home and used it when we take Danny out in the world with us, maybe when we go out to a restaurant, and the results are phenomenal. It calms him down, it comforts him. It’s very fast-acting. He pumps it up and he feels good."


How's Danny doing today with his Snug Vest?



Danny wears his Snug Vest to school every morning. He puts it on right before he goes out the door - it helps with the dancing around, hand waving and vocalizations that accompany the transition.  


Danny is making progress in school and is well-liked by those around him. He also got an award for his 3.5+ average! Way to go Danny!

If it wasn't for Danny and his father giving us feedback about the vest in those early days, we wouldn't have such an amazing pressure vest today.

Snug Vest is now helping thousands of families live with autism, sensory, and anxiety issues.

It's won multiple awards, but the best award of all - moms and dads love this vest!

If you're ready to help your child overcome anxiety and sensory

issues, give the award-winning pressure vest Snug Vest a go!



Written by Katherine Sturdy — January 25, 2017


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