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At only 14, he has already won 3 championships at what he loves to do: Go-Karting. His name is Austin Riley, a 14 year old boy from North York, Ontario that has Autism. Austin started go-karting at the tender age of 7 when his parents tried other sports and various activities to let him "fit in", but all unfortunately had failed. His proud dad, Jason Riley, acclaimed that he, for the very first time in Austin’s life, saw his son genuinely happy when he first sat in a go-kart, and that's when the frenzy kicked off.

And needless to say, Austin, along with other children living with autism, suffers daily from anxiety issues. But coincidentally, from his dad’s observation, Austin feels more relaxed and improved when he is in his go-karting gear: a racing suit and rib vest. Because the suit and rib vest are both very tight fitting, it in turn calms Austin’s anxiety down through Deep Pressure Therapy. So that’s when it clicked in Austin’s dad's mind.  He discovered us commencing a Google search, and the rest is history. He contacted us to inquire if we do any custom made orders to make a racing-style vest, and we, after hearing Austin’s story, could not refuse.

Austin’s vest is by far the most coolest we've ever created; and quite stylish too. Fully custom made, Austin's vest is two-tone Racing Red and Blue, respectably matching his sponsored Go-Kart’s theme colors from Energy Racing. The vest is also “souped-up” with Austin’s sponsors’ logos embroidered into the fabric. Who knows, maybe Snug Vest will consider manufacturing a similar racing-style vest in the future!

PS - We'll keep in touch with Austin and see hows he is improving with Snug Vest. More of him to come!

You can follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. Also, check out his website.

Written by Snug Vest — October 09, 2013


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