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In the August 13th week issue of the Business in Vancouver Newspaper, our own Lisa Fraser, founder of Snug Vest, was featured in the interviewed "How I Did It" Section!

 Check out the article!

The article explains Lisa's journey of how she developed the Award-Winning Vest, originally called the Bear Hug, for her graduation thesis project at Emily Carr University. Lisa worked for several years as an instructor to children with autism and sensory processing disorders. As she discovered the use of weighted vests and the use of Deep Pressure Therapy, she felt she could design a much more functional, user friendly, and superior solution. She also learned about Temple Grandin's Squeeze Machine or Hug Machine and wanted to make a portable, more cost effective, and friendly solution. When her thesis project for her Industrial Design Degree came up, she started developing the Snug Vest, and the rest is history.

At first, Lisa wasn't planning on commercializing the "Bear Hug", until she started to receive worldwide recognition, awards from Autism Speaks and Red Dot to name a couple, and gratitude and positive feedback from the thought-leaders in the autism community such as Temple Grandin. She didn't really know anything about "business", so she had to learn quick!

Included in the article is an interesting timeline entitled, "From industrial design school to commercial product"

Written by Snug Vest — October 09, 2013

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