Snug Vest


by answering only 1 question on our Snug Vest Facebook page.
*Please note: we've changed how to enter and win this contest to make it easier for you!

Winner receives a Snug Vest in their preferred size, and colour choice of red or turquoise!



  1. "Like" our Facebook page.
  2. "Like" the contest post on our Facebook page.
  3. "Share" the contest post with your friends on Facebook.
  4. Answer the following question in a short paragraph (a few lines) directly on the contest post:

Why do you, your child or your client need a Snug Vest, and how will you/they benefit from it?


  • The post with the most “likes” wins a Snug Vest.
  • HINT: get your friends and family to like your post on our Facebook page!
  • Winner agrees to provide a short video of receiving and wearing their Snug Vest for sharing on our Facebook page and company website.

Voting and posting cut-off: Thursday June 20th at 11:59pm PST. Winner announced and tagged for notification on Snug Vest facebook page on Friday, June 21. You will have 1 week to claim your Snug Vest, so make sure you check  to see if you won. We will give the Snug Vest away to the runner-up if you do not claim your Snug Vest within 1 week.

TO WIN, YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS TO HAVE A COMPLETED ENTRY. ONLY ONE POST PER PERSON (unless in reply to a question/comment of your post directly. “Likes” to your or others’ sub-reply under your post do not count. Direct “Likes” only count on your original answer).


Written by Snug Vest — May 21, 2013

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