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Lisa Fraser has received a Spark: Concept Spark! Design Award for Smart Squeeze and Concept Bronze Design Award for Bear Hug. The Squeezease team are happy for her accomplishments and are proud to work along side Lisa to continue developing and testing the new Snug Vest product based these original concepts.


Inventiveness & Innovation

Does the design enhance the human experience in a tangible new way?


How environmentally sustainable is the design, from manufacture through packaging to use and final disposal?

Elegance & Beauty

Is the design attractive?

Suitability to Purpose

How well does the design perform its function? Is it efficient, economical –essential?


Is the design’s lifespan appropriate to its usage and good sustainable practice?

Discovery & Implementation

What was the design strategy – how was progress measured – was the process innovative or multidisciplinary? Did the design fulfill its goals?

Safety & Ergonomics

Is it safe and user-friendly? How well does the design suit a wide (and appropriate) range of users?


Does the design fit the use (and user) naturally and easily, with a low-learning curve?

Personal Connection

Does the design help create feeling? Joy, delight, pleasure, inspiration, or reverence?


Does the design contribute in significant ways to overarching societal goals? Is it truly “design that makes a difference?”

Written by Snug Vest — April 03, 2013

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