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Why We Should All Hug More

Today is National Hug Day.

What does that mean? Well for starters, if you haven’t already found a special someone to wrap your lovely arms around, then get on it! For the record, if it is a stranger, please ask first, or you might end up like Gerry over here.

Comic of Gerry Trying to Get a Hug

If all else fails, animals always give the best and cutest hugs

Cat hugging human GIF         Dog hugging man on couch

Hugging, both receiving and giving, has all sorts of benefits to both individuals.  It’s a wonder why we don’t do it more often.  Many believe there to be evolutionary purposes behind touch that play significant roles in brain development, which affects senses like proprioception.  For example, in a Psychology Today article Christopher Bergland cites a study that “confirms the important role the cerebellum plays in constructing a mental picture and an understanding of the body, which ultimately helps to create a coherent sense of self”.  The study states that slow touch tends to have a greater effect on reducing anxiety as it better resembles a nurturing relationship.

One of the main biological factors that contributes to such positive emotions is the "feel good" hormone, Oxytocin.  Long hugs are known to increase our Oxytocin levels, which also occurs while cuddling and during childbirth.  Scientifically speaking, it plays a large part in developing the bonding feeling that exists between two individuals.  According to this 2012 study, a good 10 seconds of hugging a day has the power to reduce stress by means of lowering blood pressure and Cortisol levels.  Not only that, by reducing stress levels, the peripheral effects also include boosting your immune system, fighting infections and easing depression. 

Kramer having his mind blown

After reading all these reasons to give a hug, I know you are eager. Whether it be a hug, snug or cuddle, our message is the same.  From all of us here at Snug Vest, we wish you all a happy #NationalHuggingDay to everybody around the world!  

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 Sending a Virtual Hug

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Written by Ryan Leung — January 19, 2016



My husband believed we all need a minimum of 4 hugs a day. Even though at age 39 he was diagnosted with ALS he was the most positive, happiest person with a wicked sense of humour of anyone I have known. He died age 61, living much longer than most people diagnosed with ALS. I attribute this to his outlook on life and HUGS! Lots of them.

February 01 2016

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