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5 things to know about the autism world

1. Mom Thanks Jetstar Airlines 

Here is your feel good news of the week! Shelley Baudoux and her 10 year old autistic son Corey were planning on travelling on the Jetstar airline when it didn’t go quite as planned.  As many families who have an autistic member can relate to, Corey was having troubles boarding the plane.  What happened next was a heartfelt empathetic response from Jetstar’s staff.  The pilot and two hostesses personally came out and did their best to encourage and provide moral support for Corey in order to prepare for the flight.  Read the whole story here.

 Mother Thanks Jetstar for her autistic son

2. Autistic Basketball Player Scores First Points

Just kidding, here is one more, courtesy of Ron Chan a senior from the Desert Oasis High School basketball team.  Ron has autism and has been one of the most integral members of the team through his spirit and passion.  “He’s running sprints with everybody; he is doing all the drills with everybody,” said Fretz, the Desert Oasis Diamondbacks Coach.  In the final minute of the game, Ron scored his first bucket of his career and you can see the crowd go wild, with his teammates jumping up and down celebrating as if they won the championship.  Watch the full video here.

 Autistic Ron Chan scores first basketball points

3. Mindfulness can improve living with a disability

Mindful meditation has been a practice that has spanned hundreds and hundreds of years.  It focuses on the present time of now, and to be conscious and aware of what is around you.  A recent review of studies on mindfulness meditation demonstrated effectiveness on reducing aggression, self-harming behavior, and disruptive behaviors.  That being said, the study was contingent on the fact that participants must first themselves choose to learn and partake in the practices of mindfulness if it were to have an effect.  Read more here on the specific mindfulness techniques designed for people with autism.

4. Beautiful Photographs Capture How Autistic Children Behave

Autism awareness comes from all over the world.  Glenn Gameson-Burrows, a hospital worker and father of a 2 year old diagnosed with autism, began his quest to raise awareness in his local hometown of Wales.  The 33 year old stated: “I was shocked by the lack of understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder not just in Wales but in Britain”.   Because of this, he started taking pictures of his daughter’s every day behaviors, which eventually grew into a documentary style project involving 13 other children and adults with ASD.  See more of Glenn’s amazing photography and story here.

 black and white photographs of every day autistic children  

 5. Japanese Artist with Autism Only Communicates Through Drawings of Women

People with autism all have their own methods of communication, even if they are non-verbal. Some are more difficult to read than others and sometimes, it comes out in the most unique ways of ways.  For contemporary artist Yasuyuki Ueno, who is non-verbal with autism, he expresses himself through his art.  His art just so happens to be focused on Bijin-ga, which is the Japanese term for artistic depictions of beautiful women.  To read more of Ueno’s story, follow the story here.

Japanese Autistic artist drawings of beautiful women

Written by Ryan Leung — January 15, 2016

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