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Despicable Me Autism News

1. Autistic Radio Host Promotes Neurodiversity

To be an autism advocate, you need a platform and a voice.  Paul Loden of Spring, Houston has both.  He hosts a weekly radio show called “Theories of Mind” that speaks mainly on autism but also on other mental health issues such as PTSD and OCD.  Loden is himself on the autism spectrum and his goal is to spread autism awareness. His position as a radio host provides him an opportunity to give insight, guidance and advice to a large audience.  Loden touches on topics for adults with autism who are still trying to find their way in this neurotypical world.  Read more here

 Autism advocate Paul Loden talking on radio show

 2. Hilary Clinton’s Autism Plan

Autism awareness has made leaps and bounds in the past decade.  The very existence of Hilary Clinton’s autism plan demonstrates this.  Her recent announcement covers key topics could affect many families of youth and adults who are living with autism. For example, her new proposal suggests things like pushing for more early diagnosis between 18 and 24 months and planning for post-graduation transition plans.  Read more here

Hilary Clinton announcing her autism plan

3. Mother Launches Facebook Appeal to Find Friends for Her Lonely Autistic Son

One of the worst fears that parents can have is for their child to feel utterly alone, despite all the love you provide them.  For Catherine Butters, mother of her 11 year old son Ashley who has autism, this is a reality that is hard to bear.  So much in fact, that she sent out an open letter to anybody willing to play with her son. Read more here

 Catherine Butter's open letter to find a friend for her autistic son

4. Saddle Brook Girl Raises Awareness of Autism

Amanda Witkowski, a senior in high school, attended an autism fundraiser years ago and ever since has made it her mission to spread awareness.  She initially didn’t understand the disorder and realized that many around her did not either.  As a result of her quest to educate the public, Amanda received the highest level of Girls Scouts achievement, the Gold Award. Read More here about her inspiring journey.


5. Israeli Army Unit Recruits Teens with Autism

Compulsory military service for Israeli’s exists as soon as they reach 18 years of age.  In 2008 there were exemptions for all Israeli’s with autism but that is changing.  Now, it is accepting people with more civil service roles, secretarial roles and is presently leaning towards tech positions which have greater responsibilities.  The acceptance of Israeli’s with autism into the Israeli Defense Forces is an opportunity to capitalize on the often unique skills that ASD individuals have, particularly with attention to detail and analysis skills.  This direction potentially opens up more employment opportunities afterwards in the tech sector after military service is over.  Read more here

 Autistic Israeli Soldier

Written by Ryan Leung — January 08, 2016

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