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TGIF for News in the Autism World

1. Project Anxiety

Anxiety can be a crippling factor to many people’s lives.  People with Sensory Processing Disorders know this the best. Their sensory surroundings become daily initiators of anxiety and stress.  Thankfully, the Terrace Youth Wellness Center in Ottawa Canada knows this and has started an Indiegogo funding campaign that needs your help! Yes. You.  To help a family this Christmas, you can help Project Anxiety with their goal of providing children and families whom have Sensory Processing Disorders, with sensory tools that will help them cope with their surroundings on a daily basis.  Click here to find out more!




 2. Twins with Autism start their own successful gift wrapping company

Philadelphia born and raised, 18 year old Eddie and Mike Tuckerman began their business by incorporating their love of design and wrapping paper. Now they have over 300 orders sold across the nation. Given that the rate of unemployment for people with autism is around 90%, this is especially impressive and is undoubtedly an inspirational story.  Read more here.


 Twins with autism who created their own business     Wrapping Present by Twins with autism who made their own business


 3. Paul Officer Dubbed ‘Autism Cop’

A policeman (or policewoman) that is aware and educated on how to deal with individuals on the autism spectrum, is invaluable.  Officer Rob Zink, is leading the way by example.  He is the go to officer to help deescalate crisis situations involving people with autism.  As a father of two boys with autism, he has had more than enough training at home to make him qualified.  Find out more here.


 Officer Rob Zink 'Autism Cop'


 4. Autism video simulates uncomfortable chaos a person with autism experiences.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) recently released a video depicting the realities that many people on the spectrum feel on a regular basis.  Given that most individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have some sort of Sensory Processing Disorder, the video is a very revealing look into the daily struggles that they face.  Click here for the full article.




5. Raising Beyond Limits Enhances Quality of Life for Special Needs Adults

In Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, there is an emerging program for adults with autism that is doing just what its name says, going beyond limits.  The trio of founders Amy Roccograndi, Robyn Ruckle and Jackie Tona are trying to give their clients a greater and more active role in their local communities.  Considering many funds and options run out after ASD teens turn 18, Raising Beyond Limits, seeks to be a program that continues their learning of crucial life skills.  Regular activities include learning etiquette at a restaurant, buying food from a farmers market or hosting their own sports events.  Continued here.


 Raising Beyond Limits practicing vocabulary     Raising Beyond Limits buying food at a market

Written by Ryan Leung — December 18, 2015

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