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Erik's drawing of an Inukshuk from I Have Autism and I Need Your Help: Cultivating BelieversAs some of you may know, we are fortunate enough to be able to post the "I Have Autism and I Need Your Help" series to our blog. The series "aims to draw out the voice of autism – Erik’s perspective – and to interpret and teach – Teresa’s voice. The articles move from general to specific and offer strategies for building resilience and supporting autism."

Belief.  It goes a long way.  In this installment “Cultivating Believers”, Teresa and Erik Hedley touch on the profound effect that belief can have on others, and how it has positively influenced their lives for the better.

Teresa begins with a backstory on Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, a political cartoon read all around the world.  Facing numerous rejections, all it took was one editor to believe otherwise, and it changed his whole mindset.  The rest of course, is history.  Teresa also calls upon her own personal experience working with an ASD teen called Warren.  By using a positive and encouraging approach, Warren eventually began believing in his own abilities and thus it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

“Let’s return to the classroom now, and observe belief, positivity, growth and mindset in motion” – Teresa Hedley

Erik also adds a straightforward simple guide of 10 steps and directions that teachers or parents could use to convey their belief in their students or children, based on his own experiences as a teen on the autism spectrum.

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Erik's drawing for I Have Autism and I Need Your Help: Cultivating Believers


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Our founder Lisa Fraser also had the pleasure of interviewing Erik & Teresa on Inside the Spectrum this fall. They shared some amazing insights and very specific tools & techniques that can be implemented right away. To watch their interview, click here.

Written by Ryan Leung — December 08, 2015

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