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Happy Friday, friends! If you're anything like us, you're probably pretty focused on #TGIF and starting the weekend. Here's some news in the community to keep you up to date on your commute home. 

1. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls initiative has featured Dr. Temple Grandin with her perspective on raising capable and confident children with autism. In an exclusive new interview, she highlights the importance of understanding the vastness of the autism spectrum, as well as teaching children to hone skills that can become sources of income later in life. Grandin shared,

“Build up on the thing that a kid is good at [...] start thinking: what can this kid do when they grow up? There are lots of people out there in very skilled trades that I know are on the spectrum–good jobs. I went to school with ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ who would have been labeled with mild autism today, and some of them own businesses now. So [it’s important] to not let people with autism get a handicapped mentality.” Continue reading

2. Worried about teaching gift giving etiquette? Jenn Annis has a full list of resources and techniques to ensure your child knows the protocol associated with the busy holiday season. For gifting, she suggests allowing children to join in the wrapping process, using photos as tags to illustrate who the gift is for, and practice the act of handing the present to the recipient. For receiving gifts, Annis suggests role play, setting limits on the number of gifts received at once, and using a consistent order of opening to maintain routine (ex. each family member opens one at a time, in a cycle). Continue reading

3. One of our favourite feel-good stories this week? Lisa Aldrich purchased a decorated birthday cake at her local grocery store, and noticed the writing was unusual. What happened next was an outpouring of love and kindness. Continue reading

4. The Huffington Post recently published their 12 tips for holiday entertaining with sensory challenges. Suggested? Giving a rough schedule of the evening, asking about dietary sensitivities, using paper instead of ceramic plates to eliminate noise, include music and dance, and more! Continue reading

5. Our favourite video of the week: this paediatrician shows how to apply pressure to calm any fussy baby. Thank you Lindsay Ireland of Yahoo for featuring the Snug Vest in this article supporting Deep Pressure Therapy! Continue reading

Written by Aila Morin — December 04, 2015

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