Snug Vest

We recently ran a contest with Generation Rescue giving away a free Snug Vest to someone in their autism community. We were amazing by the response and the excitement of the entire community.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER Cayden and his mom Mandy!!

We also had a second winner thanks to a very generous member of Generations Rescue who purchased a second vest to be given away. Thank you Jackie - you are amazing!

Our second winner is Kaleb and his mom Jamie! CONGRATULATIONS!!

We absolutely loved the stories and videos, and the amazing support of the community. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of donors who were so touched by these videos that they wanted to support the families who submitted them. Some of the other entrants have also received Snug Vests from donors. We truly hope Cayden, Kaleb and their families will both greatly benefit from their Snug Vest and it will bring them peace and joy.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared amazing stories with us! To read all the touching comments go here

Happy Thanksgiving!


Written by Monica McMahen — November 24, 2015

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