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As some of you may know, we are fortunate enough to be able to post the "I Have Autism and I Need Your Help" series to our blog. The series "aims to draw out the voice of autism – Erik’s perspective – and to interpret and teach – Teresa’s voice. The articles move from general to specific and offer strategies for building resilience and supporting autism."

The next installment has arrived! The ninth article in the series is titled “Nurturing Sibling Support – Part 1”.  In this one, the whole family reflects and reveals on the approaches that have helped them support Erik’s growth throughout the past decade.  Part 1 focuses on Teresa’s point of view and how she raised Erik’s siblings, Scott and Heather, whom she affectionately calls “mini therapists”.  She goes on to acknowledge the trials and tribulations of raising 3 children and how Scott and Heather eventually ended up becoming the strongest benefactors to Erik’s positive upbringing.  Scott, the oldest brother, also reveals some of his own lessons that he has learnt from helping Erik.

In “Nurturing Sibling Support – Part 1”, Teresa shares some amazing wisdom when it comes to raising a loving supportive family.  Regardless of whether your family includes an individual with autism or not, these lessons in empathy, gratitude and communication apply to all. 

Click here to read "Nurturing Sibling Support - Part 2"

Erik Hedley's tips for harnessing the Power of Peer Mentorship for individuals with Autism

(Above) Harnessing the Power of Peer Mentorship: Parental Modelling, Irresistible Structure, Living Out Loud, Respite Modelling by Erik Hedley

This article first appeared in Autism Ontario's quarterly publication, Autism Matters, Spring, 2015, Volume 13 , Number 1.

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Our founder Lisa Fraser also had the pleasure of interviewing Erik & Teresa on Inside the Spectrum this fall. They shared some amazing insights and very specific tools & techniques that can be implemented right away. To watch their interview, click here.

Written by Monica McMahen — September 25, 2015

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