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"I am" by Chris Patton, poet with Autism Spectrum Disorder"I am extra vast and lopsided" - Chris Patton

Every now and then I come across an amazing being that floors me. Chris Patton is an extremely remarkable individual on the autism spectrum. I had the honor of meeting him and his family at the Autism Society's National Conference.

He is owner and creator of Lopsided Heart Creations. "Chris has always considered himself a teacher and a poet. Though he speaks very little verbally, he uses a variety of keyboards to communicate his thoughts.  It is his greatest desire to use his words and unique voice to create positive change and make an impact on our world." When Chris graduated from school, he teamed-up with a local business to create t-shirts with his 'sayings' on them.

"Buoyed by the success of his creations at a project end sale, Chris approached the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for start-up funding, and became the first self-employed individual with a disability to receive seed money and support by this department in Denver.  His business, Lopsided Heart Creations, evolved as the vehicle for Chris to pursue a “meaningful life” selling t-shirts.  Most of the sales of his products have been at educational conferences and local arts festivals, as well as through this website. 

Chris is a true inspiration in his accomplishments, despite the challenges he lives with. His profound messages to create a better world are honorable.
Chris Patton, individual with autism, responds to trying Snug Vest
While at the Autism Society conference, I passed by a booth that was covered in amazing, touching, and humorous sayings. Chris was sitting at his booth, curly long blonde hair, stimming with a small rope in his hand, spinning it round and round. I wondered if he may like the sensation of Deep Pressure, so I asked him and his mother who was also at his booth. He responded by typing a message into his communication device, with his mother's assistance to steady his hand to type. He said that his gears were feeling hilly. I perceived this to mean that his joints and limbs and parts that make us tick were feeling a bit achy and uncomfortable.

I went to grab a Snug Vest for him to try on. After pumping up the vest, Chris' smile was beaming and when we asked him how he felt, he responded, "Vest yearns gear's hills fast away. Eases vast anxiety. Killer vest." That moment was the best moment of the entire conference. You can watch the video of that moment & his mom's reaction below.


Snug Vest is happy that the vest helped Chis' anxiety, and is very proud of his accomplishments. Please check out his amazing poetry and support his venture by ordering a t-shirt with one of Chris' quirky or profound, heart-felt sayings today! They make awesome presents too! I am a huge fan.

Written by Lisa Fraser — July 17, 2015


Debbie Macomber:

Chris, Uncle Marshall and I are so proud of you and what you have accomplished!! We love you and miss you.

Aunt Debbie

July 19 2015


This is an amazing story of success and I am proud to wear one of Chris’ vests. Thank you Lisa for informing us of this wonderful talent.

August 04 2015

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