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A Snug Vest for Temple Grandin to give her Deep Pressure TherapyDr. Temple Grandin, a woman with autism is a world renowned autism advocate and leader, and subject of Hollywood's movie Temple Grandin played by Claire Danes. Temple craved deep pressure so much that she squeezed herself in the cattle squeeze chute.  She then went on to build her squeeze machine - a contraption that could squeeze her when she was overwhelmed and needed pressure.

This made Deep Pressure Therapy  more known - using pressure to help individuals regulate and feel calm. As the autism world started to adopt using deep pressure therapy more, they needed a way to have portable pressure therapy. The weighted vest is one of the most popular Deep Pressure tools that have been used for years. Snug Vest founder Lisa Fraser saw weighted vests being used in classrooms when she was working with individuals on the spectrum and came up with the concept of using air to provide adjustable pressure.

Temple Grandin has been a huge influencer in the autism community, and particularly to Deep Pressure Therapy, and Lisa Fraser. We are so grateful for everything she has done to inspire Snug Vest and help the hundreds of kiddos on the spectrum who are using Snug Vest and other forms of deep pressure therapy every day to feel calm, relaxed and focused. Temple Grandin was ultimately a huge influence on Lisa's Snug Vest developments. 


Lisa Fraser giving Temple Grandin her customer Snug Vest to provide Deep Pressure TherapyWe decided that words weren’t enough to thank Dr. Temple Grandin. We wanted to do something special - very special!

We decided to make her a unique, custom Snug Vest in her signature cowgirl style.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending Breakfast with Temple Grandin at the Autism Society of America’s National Conference in Denver, Colorado. We learned a lot from her, and we passed that info on to you in this blog post. After the breakfast, we had the honor of presenting our gift to Temple - and she loved it!

She was thrilled with the look and style, and her initials embroidered right into it. She put it on and pumped it up, wearing it with pride as she took photos with other people.

We are so happy that Dr. Grandin loved her custom Snug Vest, and are forever indebted to and inspired by her for everything she has done for helping inspire Snug Vest, our customers and the entire autism community. Thank you, Temple Grandin!

To see more photos of the vest, click here.

Temple Grandin trying on her Snug Vest!     Temple Grandin in her personalized Snug Vest with founder Lisa Fraser and Kevin Custer, board member of the Autism Society of America   

Temple Grandin trying on her Snug Vest                Snug Vest founder Lisa Fraser, Temple Grandin, and Autism Society                                                                                   of America Board member Kevin Custer

Written by Monica McMahen — July 09, 2015

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