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Danny Neagley, the first teenage to receive a Snug Vest, still benefitting from Deep Pressure Therapy 2 years laterDanny, a California teenager diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, was the first teenager to receive a Snug Vest. Danny loves Deep Pressure Therapy, and used to wear a leather women's jacket to school, and sometimes even blood pressure cuffs on his arms to get pressure. When he found out Lisa Fraser was making Snug Vest, he couldn't wait!

After receiving his Snug Vest, Danny's Dad David told the Vancouver Sun "We’ve used it at home and used it when we take Danny out in the world with us, maybe when we go out to a restaurant, and the results are phenomenal. It calms him down, it comforts him. It’s very fast-acting. He pumps it up and he feels good."

That was in 2013, but don't worry, we've kept in touch with Danny.

Earlier this year, David emailed to say that "he [Danny] wears it to school every morning, putting it on right before he goes out the door to help with the dancing around, hand waving and vocalizations that accompany a transition...We love Snug Vest." And we love this photo of Danny wearing Snug Vest to a restaurant!

We're also happy to report that Danny is doing well, making progress in school and well-liked by those around him. And he got an award for his 3.5+ average! Congratulations, Danny, and awesome moustache!

Danny with his 1-to-1 aide and his award for a 3.5+ average
Danny Neagley receiving an academic award

Written by Monica McMahen — May 27, 2015


anne fraser:

I am so happy for Danny as I am a teacher myself and love to hear stories of children who are successful in focusing and doing well in school while wearing their Snug Vest. Congratulations on our great marks Danny!

March 03 2016

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