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Juliette Beegle, a 15 year old with autism spectrum disorder, wearing her Snug Vest to get Deep Pressure TherapyMany of you have heard of the girl with Autism who was kicked off a United Airlines flight recently.  If you haven't, here is what happened, and Snug Vest's response to this unfortunate situation.

On May 5th, Donna Beegle was flying home from a family holiday at Disney World with her husband, daughter (Juliette) and son. Juliette was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just before she turned 3 years old. She is now 15 and has been flying all over the world with her mother for years and had no problems.

According to news reports, on that particular day the Beegle family had eaten dinner in Huston before boarding the flight, but Juliette had refused to eat. Aware that this could be a problem during the flight, as Juliette would likely need food, Donna packed some snacks. However, she knew that Juliette does not eat room-temperature meals, so upon boarding she asked the flight attendant if they could possibly purchase a warm meal from business class. They told her "no" multiple times, as Donna watch Juliette become increasingly anxious, knowing that a meltdown may not be far off.

Finally Donna was able to convince the flight attendant to give them a hot meal, which Juliette enjoyed and then calmly settled in to watch a movie. Shortly after that, there was an announcement that the plan would be stopping in Salt Lake City and the family was asked to deplane.

This situation saddened us. It is always heartbreaking to hear the stories of unaware individuals who make things harder for those with autism. This is why we reached out to Donna to let her know that we are fighting with her for increased autism awareness, including training for United Airline & all airline employees. We did this by sending Juliette a Snug Vest! 

Donna said that Juliette loves pressure, so we thought Snug Vest could be another tool for her to use in the airport, while flying, and everywhere - at home, at school, at the grocery store, etc! Upon receiving it, Donna said

"We received the vest and she loves it. She thinks its a game and can't stop laughing when we pump it up. Thank you SO much for the vest."

From everyone at Snug Vest, we hope that Juliette loves her Snug Vest, and that your story has helped a few more people become more understanding and accommodating of individuals with autism, and all people! 

Written by Monica McMahen — May 27, 2015


Daryl Wisdahl:

Great job. We need more companies like this!

May 28 2015

Donna Beegle:

WE are grateful to you. Juliette loves her vest:) Thank you!

June 02 2015

David Shinn:

What was the justification given by the pilot/crew/airline for making an unscheduled landing and forcing a family to deplane short of their purchased destination? Was compensation offered? What legal action is underway or being planned? When a corporation’s employees take such a stupid action, it is due to lack of specific training and inadequately prepared procedures. Changing those things requires a solid smack to the head from a legal team. Stay on top of this and report what happens.

June 20 2015

Thealzel Lee:

It is always unfortunate when unaware employees are not able to be creative and accommodating in situations that are “outside company policy”. So pleased that companies like Snug Vest are helping our vulnerable members of our society to combat prejudice, ignorance and mistreatment.

June 21 2015


great job guys, all the best with your product

August 25 2015

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