Snug Vest

Happy 4th Birthday to Snug Vest: Helping people with Autism & Sensory Disorders since 2011Today marks 4 years since our founder, Lisa Fraser, started Snug Vest. She spent the first 2 years working with individuals with autism and sensory processing disorders, speaking with Occupational Therapists about deep pressure therapy, and developing the product. It took about 300 prototypes to become what you see today.

In 2013 Snug Vest was launched and people around the world were able to try out this innovative inflatable vest for the first time. We are so proud to have been helping individuals with autism, sensory processing challenges, and anxiety for four year.

We could not have done it without you! Thank you for your support, feedback, purchases and social media shares. We are so lucky to have an amazing community around us!




Written by Monica McMahen — April 17, 2015

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