Snug Vest

Video your child trying on Snug Vest for the first time to get $100 backHave you recently purchased a Snug Vest? Is it helping your child cope with autism, SPD or Anxiety? We need your help! We want to see the reaction our customers have to Snug Vest. We are offering a $100 refund off your recent purchase in exchange for a video of the user trying on Snug Vest for the first time. The video must include:

1. The users reaction for the first minute (at least) of trying it on & inflating it.
2. A genuinely positive response
3. Clear image & sound

If you have a video, please send it to us at If you are willing to let us use it on our website & other materials, we will give you $100 back!

*cannot be combined with any other offer

Written by Monica McMahen — April 16, 2015

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