Snug Vest

Snug Vest Deep Pressure Therapy Vest for kids with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder or anxiety



We are launching a contest on June 3rd 2015 in which YOU could win a FREE Snug Vest! It gets even better - EVERYONE is a winner because all who enter this contest will receive a special coupon for $40 off Snug Vest if you wish to order one after the winner is announced!!!

To Enter:
 Enter your name and e-mail here to enter the contest and instantly receive your $40 off Snug Vest coupon.

2. Write a short comment telling us why you, your child, your student or your client needs a Snug Vest. It can be the user telling us why they need it, parents, teachers, siblings, therapists or any combination of people. Tell us a story! Comments should be 50-150 words long.

‘Like’ our Snug Vest Facebook page
 and leave your comment HERE

3. Get as many 'likes' as you can on your comment from friends and family. Each 'like' is worth 1 point.

4. BONUS: Earn an extra 60 points by making an optional video telling us why you or someone you know needs a Snug Vest. Get creative & have fun with it! E-mail us your video to: and we will upload it to our Facebook page
 so you can start collecting 'likes' worth 1 point each. 

Eventhough submitting a video is optional, it will give you an advantage as all points collected from the 'likes' in both your comment AND video will be added up, as well as the extra 60 points from just making the video.

If you are having trouble emailing, please WeTransfer the file to us.

Video Requirements: must be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 2 minutes. Must be a facebook acceptable file type, mp4 preferred. You can submit and optional 150 character caption.

To Win:

Get the most points by getting 'likes' on your video and comment by noon, July 13th Pacific Standard Time. The contestant with the most points will win a FREE Snug Vest.  
Hint: Share it with friends and family, and get them to 'like' your comment and video.
*Winner agrees to send in video of receiving their Snug Vest and trying it on for the first time.

Voting cutoff is Monday July 13th at noon PST. Winner will be announced by July 14th on our facebook page. You will have 1 week to claim your prize, after which time we will give the prize to the runner up.

Sample Video:

If you decide to make a video for bonus points, use this video as an example to get you started with yours or go to our Facebook page to look at other contestants' videos. Good Luck!


Contestants must be the sole authors and owners of the copyright in all videos submitted.

Upon submission, all videos will become exclusive property of Wearable Therapeutics Inc., including all intellectual property rights and may be used for any purposes including but not limited to promotional material.

Written by Monica McMahen — April 16, 2015


Richard Wilson:

Very interested in your product. My son has ASD and this might help him to feel more secure in public situations, and now he is going to a high school with a large population anxiety can be a real issue.

April 30 2015

virgincita aungon:

I’m here in the Philippines. It seems impossible to have a snug vest in my classroom for my pupils.

May 02 2015

paula richie:

My 4 yr old has spd and starting school in September this would be amazing for her as her ot has suggested getting one hope good luck to all

May 02 2015

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