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Internationally Acclaimed Occupational Therapist Kim Barthel talks about Deep Pressure Therapy and autismMany individuals, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder or anxiety, benefit from Deep Pressure Therapy. There are a variety of reasons for this which internationally acclaimed Occupational Therapist and neurobiologist Kim Barthel explains in the video below.

Kim describes how Deep Pressure Therapy reduces cortisol, a stress hormone in our bodies. It also turns off some of the experiences in our autonomous nervous system that cause anxiety and provides extra serotonin to help the brain find it's balance. These three physiological responses elicited by Deep Pressure Therapy help us cope with the environment around us, which is why Deep Pressure Therapy helps individuals with Autism when they have a high level of anxiety caused by Sensory Overload.

She also goes on to tell us that most research shows that this primarily happens while the person is receiving the pressure, and the amount of carry over when that pressure has stopped really depends on the person. Like anything in life, the amount of pressure needed to help varies dramatically from person to person. For this reason, many of the protocols developed around Deep Pressure Therapy do not necessarily benefit the users, as they are too restrictive and do not take into account the many different people that they may be pertaining to.

Watch Kim Barthel's description of Deep Pressure Therapy below, and find out how Snug Vest can reduce your anxiety!

Written by Monica McMahen — February 19, 2015

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