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A huge thank you to everyone who came by the Westminster Technologies booth at #ATIA2015 last week! Lisa had a blast chatting with Occupational Therapists, Resource teachers, behavioural therapists and everyone who came by the booth. Tons of people tried on Snug Vests and were really excited about the stylish look, the calming nature of the pressure, and how unique the product is. We even received some amazing feed back from one individual on the autism spectrum who upon trying Snug Vest and feeling the Deep Pressure said "everything was fuzzy, but now everything is clear." We hope to see you at ATIA 2016, and in the mean time be sure to check out our facebook album of people trying on Snug Vest.



Lisa wearing Snug Vest, a Deep Pressure Therapy device for people with autism, at the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference

Written by Monica McMahen — February 10, 2015



Fantastic pictures and work Snug Vest team. Congratulations on a conference well done! An amazing amount of people supported the Snub Vest and tried it on!

February 14 2015

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