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Those of you who follow our blog know that we have posted a couple of Erik & Teresa Hedley's articles in the past. This amazing mother-son duo write a series of articles for Autism Ontario that "aim to draw out the voice of autism - Erik's perspective - and interpret and teach - Teresa's voice." Erik also does colourful illustrations for each of the articles. The series is called "I have autism and I need your help."

We are very excited to share their latest piece called "Building My Learning Team" in which Erik & Teresa describe & discuss Erik's "Dream Teacher." The result is a list of qualities teachers can strive for and strategies they can use to support and foster growth in students with autism. Not only is this an interesting and helpful read for parents, I highly suggest sending this out to the teachers and educators in your child's life to help them understand what your child needs. While no single individual will meet every point and piece, as Teresa told Erik, it is a guide & road map they can follow so that they have a clear idea of what is needed to teach students with autism.

Click here to read "Building My Learning Team, Part One" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

(above) Specific qualities of a dream teacher: Model of the end product, step-by-step instructions, clear classroom systems, time-management instruction. By Erik Hedley

This article first appeared in Autism Ontario's quarterly publication, Autism Matters, Fall, 2014, Volume 11, Number 4.

EDIT: Part 2 is now available! Click here to see "I Have Autism and I Need Your Help: Building My Learning Team, Part 2"

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Our founder Lisa Fraser also had the pleasure of interviewing Erik & Teresa on Inside the Spectrum this fall. They shared some amazing insights and very specific tools & techniques that can be implemented right away. To watch their interview, click here.



Written by Monica McMahen — January 12, 2015

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