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We recently called 50 of our first customers to see what they thought of Snug Vest. These people all received their Snug Vests in May or June of 2013, and we wanted to know if they were still using their Snug Vests a year and a half later. In 23 cases we managed to get a hold of the right person and ask them what they thought of Snug Vest, and if they still use it. The majority of these customers were parents or family members. What did we find out?

The majority of our customers are still using Snug Vest today. We found 60% of these customers were still using Snug Vest to self-regulate anywhere from a few times a day to once a week. 10% used Snug Vest for quite a few months, but found they are able to self-regulate without it now and no longer need to use it. About 30% of the Snug Vests in the 23 households and institutions surveyed are not being used or were donated.

We are so excited that so many people are benefiting from Snug Vests, and loved some of the very positive feedback we received. So often a Snug Vest is purchased and sent out, and we have no idea if it is making an impact. We love to hear your feedback, and were particularly excited about what Angela, a local BC grandmother and foster parent had to say:

"The Snug Vest is truly the perfect product for many of the very special infants and children I have cared for-including one of my quite amazing grandsons. The deep pressure right in the core of the body offers the little one both security and control of a body that is often disregulated and simply out of sync. I have seen the calmness that comes as the vest is pumped up to just the right tightness to provide just the right sense of peace. I have seen more success both at school and at play as this seems to allow a greater ability to focus on classroom activity rather than all focus just going to sitting still.
Perhaps equally important for the school aged child is that this vest is stylish and attractive- it does not look at all like a therapeutic device. My Grandson's friends all wear vests to school, his does not appear to be any different so there is no teasing or embarrassing questions.
I have recommended the "Snug Vest" to both parents and therapists as I have seen the benefits first hand."
Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to chat with us, and is you have an feedback, we're all ears!
(Photo: Elijah in his Snug Vest!)

Written by Monica McMahen — December 12, 2014

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