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A couple weeks ago we blogged about how excited we were that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia covered the cost of a Snug Vest for an individual with a brain injury. We are still so happy that Snug Vest has been able to help people with head injuries, and were of course very excited to receive this quote from an Occupational Therapist!


"The Snug Vest has helped one of my clients, Jill*, who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Jill found that when she wore the Snug Vest, the compression though her torso helped reduce the intensity of her headache, helped her to organize her thoughts, increased mental clarity and decreased dizziness. Jill describes a situation which illustrates how the Sung Vest helps her '...I felt like my head would explode, I put on the vest and it helped reduce this feeling, I melted into the vest and instantly felt relief'.
I found the Snug Vest team incredibly helpful and efficient and will use this product again in the future should an opportunity arise.
Note: It is important to consult your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist regarding use of compression to treat your symptoms; this is a treatment option which does not benefit all individuals."
*Client's name has been changed to protect identity
-Pauline Robinson, Occupational Therapist
If you or someone you know has trouble concentrating as the result of a Traumatic Brain Injury, contact us today to learn more!

Written by Monica McMahen — October 15, 2014

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