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This Wednesday, September 10th we will be launching our brand new webinar series "Inside the Spectrum: Interviews with Autism Thought Leaders!" Our founder Lisa Fraser will be interviewing a variety of autism experts to find out how to find and work with various therapists, the roles that different individuals play in supporting your child, tips and tricks that have worked for other families, & how to build a strong support network.

We cannot wait to interview therapists, parents, individuals with autism, and teachers to discover what they have learned over the years, and to help answer some of the questions and concerns that you, our valued customers, may have.

We really want to work with you to make this series as useful as possible, so please, please, please let us know if there are any questions you would like answered, topics you would like discussed, individuals you would like to see interviewed, or if you have any feedback for us. You can always tweet us (@snugvest or #InsideTheSpectrum), write us on facebook, email us or give us a call (1-866-530-4440)!

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Written by Monica McMahen — September 05, 2014

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